Sussex Hills Kennel Club
Sunday 09/02/2001



Ch. Chablais Chaser At Venetian - Venetian's Jondre Maggie Mae. Dog
Owners/Breeders: Barbara Truran & Jaclyn Truran

Ch. Beechcroft's Regal Air - Blackwatch Silhouette
Owner/Breeder: Karen H Lolli


(Am.Can.Ch.Venetian's Blackwatch Bravo x Am.Can.Ch.Folklaur Stargazer at Oswick)
Owner: Laura J. Dedering -  Breeder: Linda C. Wozniak

(Ch. Martinstide Poser - Windwood's Autumn Leaves)
Owner: Eve Ragalia & Lou Gangem , Breeder: Eve Ragaliar

Hedgelawn's Owe Me Big Time
(Ch. Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH - Hedgelawn's Graceful Ayr JH)
Owners/Breeders: Thomas & Tambra Flaherty

Pendragon Sunday Best
(Ch. Ridge View Bugs Bunny x Simerdown's Country Charm)
Owners/Breeders: Denise Hamel & Linda A. Vaughn

Dogs: Judge – Carole Coode (Warringah)
David and I could not understand why there was not the depth of quality in the dogs as there was in the bitches, surely those cracking girls that I judged yesterday all had litter brothers. I was pleased with my winners.

Puppy Dog 7 (2 absent)
Gellert’s Bigi’s Lancelot of Breezy, Just six months, very pleasing head, super angles front and rear, nice size pup, good topline, legs and feet, well turned stifle, thankfully not overdone in this department, moved very soundly.
2nd Sainsbury’s, Crosshaven Jazz, another good headed puppy, more mature than 1, but did not have the good length and lay of upper arm that he did, so making him toe in slightly on the move, apart from that very soundly constructed baby.
3rd Hawkins, Jayhawk’s Midnight Oil
4th Witts and Cogo’s, Windfall’s Seadog at Minefall

12 - 18 Month Dog 2
Gellert & Sousa’s, Breezy’s Beau Brumel of Bigi
. Chocolate dog, pleasing head , good coat and eye colour, excellent angles front and rear, deep chest with good topline, excellent legs and feet and nicely turned stifle, moving soundly, in good coat.
2nd Gertler & Hilton’s, RockyCreeks Lincoln Storm., yellow of 12 months, very nice balanced outline, pleasing head, good topline front angulation could be better, had excellent rear angles, and drove well from the rear. toeing in on front movement, in very good coat.

Novice Dog 2
Noll & Sousa’s, Breezy’s Glenerie Merrymaker
, Good balanced outline, pleasing head, good forehand with deep well sprung chest, well turned stifle, good legs and feet - moved out well in good coat.
2nd House & Sousa’s, Breezy Merry Maker, head a little strong for me, not the front angles of 1 , superb coat, good topline, nice rear end and tailset, drove well from the rear on good legs and feet.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog 4
Flaherty’s, Hedgelawn’s Owe Me Big Time
, a dog well put together, with a really pleasing head, he had excellent angles front and rear, good topline, legs and feet, well turned stifle, and in good coat. Moves well, needs a little more “Oomph” to make the most of himself. Reserve Winners Dog.
Savelli’s, Top Gun Toast To Maverick
, good chocolate, with excellent eye and coat colour. Not quite so good in front angulation as above, good topline, loin, chest, legs feet, tailset and in super coat - drove very well from the rear.
3rd Mines, Rockycreek’s Sweet Basil
4th Thorn’s, Orion’s Tutonka

American Bred 6 (2 absent)
Henry’s, Mac Henry Mr Pickwick, perhaps a better name would be “Mr Wiggle” dog with good outline and balance, pleasing head, good lay of shoulder, would wish for a slightly better length and angulation to the upper arm, excellent spring of rib, strong topline and good tail carriage, excellent legs and feet, best mover in the class.
2nd Hilton and Gertier’s, Lincoln’s Aloway Jake. Liked his size and balance, again not so good in upper arm, good deep ribs, and excellent stifle, coat texture good, if a little on the thin side at the moment, drove well from the rear.
3rd Goebel’s, Liddle Leaping Leo
4th Manley’s, Brookland Ni Thorpe Abbotts.

Open Black Dog 14 (6 absent)
Campanelli’s,Snowden Hills Solid State, Good balanced outline, with pleasing head, well angulated forehand, good depth of chest. well turned stifle, topline and tailset all good, as were legs and feet. Not in the best of coats, but that will grow back. The best mover in the class.
2nd Eden’s, Matego The Buck Stops Here. Most of the comments above apply here also, in better coat than above, but not the length or angulation of upper arm that caused him to “toe-in” in front movement.
3rd Truran’s Beechbrook Thomas At Piperhill
4th Weist’s Beechcrofts Perfect Charmer

Open Chocolate Dog 3  One and two had excellent coat colour, but eye colour could have been darker.
1st White-Peterson’s, Stonecrest Davy Crockett, In full coat, he had a pleasing head, great spring of rib, with good lay of shoulder, upper arm could have had more angulation, strong topline and loin, really good tail, and great rear end.
2nd Carter’s, Arabadors Rolo On The River another pleasing dog, with good angulation front and rear, nice low hocks, not in the same coat as the one above today.
3rd Power’s, Franklin Hill Mocha

Open Yellow Dog 12 (3 absent)
Ragalia & Gangemi’s, Windwood Mystical Merlin, Big dark yellow with plenty of scope and good overall balance. Very pleasing in head, with good eye colour and nice length of muzzle. Nice neck set into well laid shoulder, deep well sprung ribs and well ribbed back, good topline and tailset, well turned stifle, in super coat, and moving well. Winners Dog
Lolli’s, Blackwatch Just In Thyme
pale yellow, sweet head and good angulation front and rear, sound legs and feet, excellent stifle and moved well - just preferred the overall balance of 1.
3rd Vavrina’s, Castilleja Graydon At Adamsway
4th Voshell’s, Hightide Slam Dunkin


Bitches and Intersex: Judge – David Coode (Warringah)
Generally the bitches were noticeably better than the dogs of the day before. My main concerns were the shortness of muzzle in some, and the rather short very compact bodies, not leaving too much room for puppies. Movement on the whole was better in the bitches but fronts were still a concern as they appear to be in many places now around the world.

Puppy Bitch 16 (4 absent)
I thought some of the bitches in this class would struggle to make the correct size, when mature.
1st Thomas & Flaherty’s, Hedgelawn Never Been Better, Chocolate, very smart just the right size for her age. Very pleasing head and expression, nice eye colour, good reach of neck and good shoulder placement. Well boned and muscled quarters good depth through the body, in very good coat moved and showed well.
2nd Davies, Helms and Heidl’s, Tabatha Pardocs Kali , black, very similar to one above, well grown on for her age, but nothing overdone, true labrador head and expression, very nicely boned throughout, good depth through the body, with soundly constructed quarters, coat of correct type, but just on the blow, preferred the rear movement of 1 above, otherwise nothing between these two.
3rd  Rudy’s Amberlyn Amaranth
4th  Heidl’s Tabatha’s Locket.

12 - 18 Months Bitch 16 (4 absent)
Dedering’s, Oswicks Folklaur Storyteller. Excellent upstanding bitch with a lovely clear outline, super feminine head and expression, with her head up she shows off her glorious reach of neck, very good bone throughout, just right through the body and loin. Sound hindquarters in very good coat, she moves with purpose, she still has some maturing to do but I was delighted to award her Winners Bitch and Best of Winners.
Rekow’s & Vaughans’ Simerdown’s Starrbear, yellow, very similar to 1 in so many ways, such a nice type, with all the breed requirements, I preferred the front movement and coat of the winner, this is another very promising bitch.
3rd  Forte & Mines, Rockycreek’s Perfect Thyming
4th  Heidl’s, Tabatha’s Trust

Novice Bitch 1
Heidl’s, Tabatha’s Clarify, black, very pleasing head and expression, she has good reach of neck set into well angulated shoulders, but the upper arm is a little short which affects her front movement, soundly made hind quarters, but would prefer a little more scope in her body , good coat of correct type but just beginning to blow.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch 9 (1 absent)
Flaherty & Schwind’s Drifter Maidapromise at Hedgelawn, A very clean outline, but not in her best coat on the day, but it was of the correct type and texture, very pleasing feminine head and expression, good reach of neck, good shoulder angulation, well constructed legs, well developed in the body, with sound hindquarters, very good rear movement, but not quite so true at the front, showed well.
2nd Rudy’s Amberlyn Exactly, yellow, very close to 1 above, in every way, but not quite the same sparkle as the winner, similar head and expression, true labrador, good bone throughout nice spring of rib, good topline, but the coat was a little soft.
3rd  Dedering’s, Folklaur Riddle of Raven’s Gulch
4th  Heidl’s, Tabatha Pocket

American Bred Bitch 12 (2 absent)
Leary’s, Tallmadges TNT, yellow, I liked her immensely, very pleasing feminine head and kind expression, nice reach of neck, set in good shoulders, well boned forelegs, very good depth in the body, with true topline, sound hindquarters, which she used well on the move in good coat.
2nd Rudger & Curtis’, Erinhills Heybern Debutante, black, similar type to 1 but not quite the substance, true labrador head and expression, good stop, nice eye colour, good reach of neck, set in well laid shoulders nice depth trough the body, sound hind quarters, in good coat, moved and showed well.
3rd  Plank’s, Lobuff Forestwood Forgetmenot
4th  Schmitt & Czerwinski’s, Broadway Singing in the Rain

Open Black Bitch 18 (2 absent)
Herman’s Tabatha’s Hunterleigh Paradigm, very good head, nothing overdone, very good reach of neck set in well angulated shoulders, nice depth trough the body with well sprung ribs, true topline, good tailset, well developed hindquarters, in good coat, moved with purpose and showed well.
2nd Dewhurst’s Satucket Emlee Duckinson, preferred the front movement of 1, but another nice bitch with all the breed essentials, pleasing head and expression, nice reach of neck, good shoulders, sound through the body and hindquarters, in good coat.
3rd  Heidl’s Tabatha’s Desi
4th  Helmers & Heidl’s, Tabatha’s Cherub

Open Chocolate Bitch 1 (1 absent)

Open Yellow Bitch 10 (2 absent)
Hamel & Vaughn’s Pendragon Sunday Best - Very classic type, the truest of heads and expression, very good reach of neck, nice shoulders, great depth in the body with well sprung ribs, nice topline and tail set, good hind quarters, in good coat. moved well but was a little lethargic in line up she seemed to flag and this cost her Winner bitch but I was happy to award her Reserve Winners Bitch
Muirhead & Czerwinski’s, Muirwoods Sahara Dunes, not quite the head of 1 above, but has very good bone and structure through the body, in very good coat, showed and moved so much better on a loose lead !!!!!
3rd  Beckage’s, B & B’s You Big Babee
4th  Ammerman’s, Xciting of Misty-Dreams

Veteran Bitches 7 years and over 1
Lolli’s, Ch. Blackwatch Chantilly. Seven and half years old. What a grand lady, nice strongly made bitch with nothing overdone in any way, loved her head and expression, very good neck and lay of shoulder, very nice bone throughout, good quarters, in very good coat, moved with purpose. She hit her foot at the end of the triangle but I had seen enough to know that she moved truly. Delighted to award her the Best Opposite Sex

Best of Breed Competition 18 (6 absent)
I was concerned by some of the overly strong heads in this class particularly on the dogs,
my winner was Truran’s CH. Piperhill Jake‘s Walker, yellow, super upstanding dog in full bloom with the truest of movements, very pleasing masculine head, with correct stop, expression, and ear set. Enough of everything without being overdone. Excellent reach of neck, set into well laid shoulder, super construction in the body with true topline, well muscled hindquarters, a pleasure to go over and I was delighted to award him Best of Breed.  My veteran bitch taking Best Opposite Sex.