Sanctioned Specialty B Match
Saturday, 02/24/2001

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Judge:  Nancy Dolce (Cricklwood)

Steward: Pam Bouchard pictured with the JSLRC members

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Best Puppy in Specialty Match
Broadway's The Real Thing at Muirwood
Owned by Laurie Muirhead & Maryann Czerwinski

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BOSPIM0201sub.JPG (57476 bytes)
Best of Opposite Puppy in Specialty Match
Breezy's Buster Brown
Owned by  Lenny Campanelli, S. Culpe, G. Sousa

BAIM0201.JPG (98568 bytes)            BOSAIM0201.JPG (86540 bytes)
    Best Adult in Specialty Match    BOS Adult in Specialty Match
         Snugharbor Lady Pirate                 Blackwatch Just In Thyme
Owned by  Gerri Kennedy-Youngblood                                    Owned by Karen Lolli


3-6 Month Puppy Dog

1. Breezy's Buster Brown owned by  *L. Campanelli, S. Culpe, G. Sousa
Molson owned by J. Dunn

6-9 Month Puppy Dog
1. Blackwatch Summer Storm owned by *K. Lolli
RockyCreek's Lincoln Storm owned by  K. Gertler & T. Hilton

9-12 Month Puppy Dog
1. Henry owned by C. Smith
Celebrity Side Out Murphy owned by  C. Pelican

3-6 Month Puppy Bitch
1. Pandemonium Love to Frolic owned by  *L. Jennings
Snugharbor Moonlight On The Bay owned by *G. Kennedy-Youngblood
3. Hedgelawn Never Been Better owned by  *T&T Flaherty

Hedgelawn's Willow Extroad n Ayr owned by T&M Karabinus

6-9 Month Puppy Bitch
1. Jewel owned by D. Black
2. Brook owned by *D. Forte & *K. Mines
3. Jazz owned by C. Damiano
4. Star owned by K. Wostbrock

9-12 Month Puppy Bitch
1. Broadway's The Real Thing @ Muirwood owned by *L. Muirhead & *M. Czerwinski
2. Broadway's Aida owned by *M. Czerwinski
3. Oswick's Folklaur Storyteller owned by  *L. Dedering
4. Ruby owned by *E. Palmieri & *D. Forte


12-18 Month Jr. Dog
1. Blackwatch Just In Thyme, owned by *K. Lolli
Charlie owned by C. Damiano

Novice Dog
1. Boomer owned by A. DeGraw

Bred By Exhibitor Dog
1. Hedgelawn's Owe Me Big Time, WC, CGC owned by *T&T Flaherty

Open Dog – Black
1. Snowden Hills Solid State owned by  *L. Campanelli
Blackwatch Venetian Mystick owned by  *K. Lolli
Lincoln's Aloway Jake owned by K. Gertler

 12-18 Month Jr. Bitch
1. Beechcroft Woodhull Hallelujah owned by *Corey Anger
2. Folklaur Riddle of Raven's Gulch owned by *L. Dedering
3. Lobuff Forestwood Forget Me Not owned by *L. Plank

Novice Bitch
1. Echomoor Drivin Ms Daisy owned by  M. Cassarino

American Bred Bitch
1. Hedgelawn's Driftin' Away owned by *P. Bodine

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch
1. Snugharbor Lady Pirate owned by  *G. Kennedy-Youngblood
2. Muirwood's Sahara Dunes owned by  *L. Muirhead & *M. Czerwinski

Open Bitch – Black
Aquarius Anni In Forestwood, CD owned by  *L. Plank

Open Bitch – Yellow
1. Crissy owned by M. Catizone

*Denotes Club Member

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