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Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes

I would like to extend my thanks to the Jersey Skylands Labrador Retriever Club for inviting me to judge their Sweepstakes. It was such a thrill to see people that I had not seen in such a long time. Seeing all of you, seemed like it was only yesterday during Jill and Bud’s time when we were all showing.  What fantastic memories.  I would also like to say what a pleasure it was to share the panel with Marilyn Ann, David Nightingale and Annaliisa Harjukari.  It was as if we have known each other forever. I wish we could have spent more time together. Hopefully, someday we will meet again.

All, this being said, I would also like to thank the exhibitors for their sportsmanship, and kind words after my assignment was completed.  The overall quality of the dogs was very good. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed their day.

Veteran Dogs 7 – 10 Years
1st Ch. Hampshire I Am Blue – A very handsome black, good size, level top line,   good tail set, great coat , soft expression and moved freely. I remember him as a puppy in Canada and I thought he was super then. He certainly has matured into a sound dog.
2nd Ch. Rainell’s The Beat Goes On – An alert yellow, with  great drive and expression, not in his best coat,  gave his handler a challenge, nice to see this dog again.
3rd  Cedar Hill's Rio Rico
4th  Accolade's Living Memory Tonka Na.

Veteran Dogs 10+ Years
1st  Ch. Kazorp’s Scrabble – A Black, with a hard coat, good size boy, showed well.

Veteran Bitches 7 – 10 Years
1st  Ch. Shar-Jam’s Taylor Made – Her name speaks for itself. A very nice yellow girl, good coat, bone, tail set, sweet expression, very much in tune with her handler. Moved freely and with out any effort. It was a pleasure to award her this class.
2nd  Ch. Tabatha’s Halo – A very nice black, sweet expression, compact, also showed very well.
Ch. Belquest Point Well Made
4th  Stonecrest's Starship Cairo 

Veteran Bitches 10+ Years
1st Tabatha’s Flutter -  Another black, with great presence, does not show her age  at all, moved freely. Good coat, top line, and well angulated. Has a nice soft expression.
2nd  Folklaur Flora – A smaller black, showed well, softer in top line and not as strong in the rear, but presented herself well. Has a nice feminine head.
Gairloch's Bristol Fashion CD

Best Veteran In Sweepstakes
Best of Opposite Sex Veteran In Sweepstakes

Dogs 6 – 9 Months
1st Hedgelawn  Sharp Dressed Man -   A very smart yellow boy. Lovely head and expression, neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, good top line and tail set. Nice bone and feet.  Moved very well.  A nice rapport with his handler.  Wishing them continued success. Seriously, I considered him  for B.O.S. in Sweeps.
2nd  Hawksmoor Falcon – Also a quality black, a touch longer  in body,  sweet expression, nice head, well angulated,  moved very well.  Not overdone in any way. I am sure he also will have a bright future.
3rd  Waifin’s High Flying Tycoon
4th  Caer Bren Superhero

Dogs 9 – 12 Months
1st  Willcare’s Prestige – A compact yellow, with good coat and tail, nice head and expression, moved freely. Good bone and angulations.
2nd  Hopbrook’s Sugar Daddy – Yellow boy, not as much bone as 1st place dog, has a nice expression, moved well.
3rd.Brookberry’s Storm Trooper.

Dogs 12 – 15 Months
1st  Henning  Mill Diamond N’The Ruff – Nice black, not overdone, good bone and feet, soft expression, good top line, moved well.
2nd  Paradigm’s Devil In Disguise – A yellow boy of good type, good coat, good bone, nice expression and also moved well.
3rd  Tabatha's Renegade.
4th  Ambleside Thunder At Soundview.

Dogs 15 – 18 Months
1st  Folklaur Sorcerer’s Apprentice
– A very handsome black, great bone, coat, good feet, good top line and tail set. Lovely masculine head, but not overdone, soft expression, preferred looking for girls then showing, but could not deny his qualities. Wonderful temperament. A pleasure to award him Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes.
2nd  Lor-Al’s Direct Northmark – Nice yellow, a difficult decision to make, also has great Labrador qualities, a very promising youngster. Has a good coat and tail, with a soft expression and moved well.
3rd  Tabatha’s Sport
4th  Stonecrest's Mighty Endeavor

Bitches 6 – 9 Months
1ST  Caer Bren Sedona –  A lovely yellow, shown beautifully, with very feminine and sweet expression, nice neck, good bone and feet, good coat and tail, moved freely. A very nice duo.
2nd  Hawksmoor Fiona – Also a very nice black puppy, a little smaller, but very feminine, moved well, nice coat, just a bit longer, nice top line, good bone.  Showed very well, also a nice duo.
3rd  Musket Lotsa NRG
4th  LSRK Gortons Gail Force

Bitches 9 -12 Months
1st  Bogsedge Sapphire At Accolade – A strong, well built yellow girl, nice head and expression, good top line and tail, good bone and  good angulations, moved well.
2nd  Paradocs Fray – A black of good type, a bit smaller, sweet expression, good coat and tail, moved well.
3rd  Accolade’s Out Of The Ashes
4th  Broadway’s Maid in America

Bitches 12-15 Months
1st  Preton Ballerina – “AS GOOD AS IT GETS”.  As I approached this black to examine her, she took my breath away. I could see her handler was a bit nervous, but that did not take away from her qualities. From head to tail, she was a pleasure to look at. She has a wonderful head, with correct ear set and size, the sweetest expression, her neck flowing into her well laid back shoulders, level top line with a correct otter tail, excellent bone and feet, good angles front and rear, nice hard coat. Moved like a dream. It was difficult to fault her. Not only did she excel in structure, her temperament was so easy going. I found out later that she had just flown in from Brazil with her owner, and to display such a performance in the ring was a true testament to her character. Congratulations and continued success with her. And, take good care of her; she is so special in every way.
Indeed a pleasure and an honor to award her Best in Sweeps. It was nice to see her awarded Winners Bitch the following day and an Award of Merit.
2nd  Tabatha’s Pinafore – Also a very nice black, feminine, sweet expression, moved well.
3rd  Windfall's Dragonfly In The Sky
4th  Hyspire Show Me The Ribbon

Bitches 15-18 Months
1st  Tabatha’s Gala – Strong black girl, showed very well, good bone and feet, good top line, sweet expression, moved well.
2nd  Lobuff’s Puffin At Hollyridge – Also a well built yellow, with good bone and feet, sweet expression, great tail and coat, move freely.
3rd  Lobuff’s Sandpiper At Hollyridge
4th  Tabatha’s Taunt

Best In Sweepstakes
Best of Opposite Sex In Sweepstakes



Mr. and Mrs. Knightingale (Boothgate)
We had a wonderful time judging your dogs and meeting you very sporting exhibitors that were present on the days. We thank you for this very kind invitation, the trip gave us some very happy memories. Thanks to some wonderful people who opened up their home to us at the picnic and our great guides who took us around New York.

You have well constructed Labradors in the majority, something we Brit’s could take a leaf out of your book. You do however have very different head type’s, not over done, quite the opposite. Please do not loose the typical Labrador head, there should be a well defined stop, this you as breeders seem to be loosing. We are not criticising, just passing on our thoughts.

Our very best wish’s to you all.

1st  Hedgelawn Sharp Dressed Man. Super Yellow with beautiful head & kind expressive eye. Well constructed front & rear, deep body with well sprung rib. Has good coat, bone & tail - sound happy mover. Just a little soft in topline at the moment, this should right with maturity.
2nd  Waifin’s High Flying Tycoon. This black has a well chiselled head, kind eye, good length & depth of muzzle. Well put together with correct front & rear angulation, level topline, deep well sprung rib. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd  Hawksmoor Falcon
 Decoys Beyond Belief At Daycamp

 9 - 12 MONTHS
1st Willcare’s Prestige. Yellow with the kindest of head’s, soft expression. Good reach of neck into well angled front, correct in upper arm. Level topline, well sprung rib, deep chest. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
2nd Hopbrook’s Sugar Daddy. Another good yellow, not quite as good in head as winner, but has a soft expression. Of correct construction throughout, deep chest with well sprung rib, good bone, coat & tail - move’s well.
3rd Brookberry’s Storm Trooper.

12 - 18 MONTHS
1st Folklaur Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This black has a good width of skull, correct stop, good width & depth of muzzle. Soft expressive eye. When standing presents a clean well angled outline, has level topline, well sprung deep chest. Tail is carried straight off the back, in good coat & condition - move’s very well.
2nd Stonecrest’s Mighty Endeavor.  Well shaped head with kind expression. Is correctly constructed at the front & rear , deep chest with well sprung rib, level topline. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd  Henning Mill Diamond N’The Ruff.
4th  Paradigm’s Devil In Disguise.

1st Woodrow Of The Cabin. Black with a kind head & soft expression, has a good length of muzzle. Not really of top quality, but I understand that this was the owner’s first time. Would have like better front & rear angulation, he did have a short coupled well sprung body. Not in his best jacket today - move’s a little wide in front. Stood alone.

1st Beachbrooks Night Hawk.  Lovely head on this black, soft kind expression. Deep body with correct front angle’s, level topline with correct tail carriage, strong quarter’s with well bent stifle. In good coat & condition - moves well.
2nd Tabatha’s Sport. Yellow who is slightly stronger in head than winner, but not overdone, kind expressive eye, strong muzzle. Present’s a clean well angled outline, deep in body & strong in rib, well off for bone. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd  Hawksmoor Thunder Cloud.
4th  Blackdux Fond Of The Knight.

1st. Caer Bren Admiral.  Yellow with kind head & expression. Well constructed throughout, Short coupled deep body, level topline ,good bone, feet & coat (although just starting to blow) very good showman - move’s well  . RWD
2nd Mistyfield Rock N’ Roll. Well chiselled head on this black with kind    eye. Good front & rear angulation, deep short coupled well sprung body. In good coat & condition, has sufficient bone - move’s well.
3rd Cross Creek’s Tanner.
4th Calabria’s Blue Moon 

1st Tallmadge’s Ciaran MacMurchadha. Kind headed with soft expressive eye, good width & depth of muzzle. Short coupled correctly constructed body, well sprung deep chest, level topline. In good condition but not quite in his best jacket - move’s well.
2nd Saltmeadow Dickens At Cedarbay. Another quality dog, not quite the head as the winner, but has a soft expression. Deep short coupled body with correct angulation, in good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd Tormentil Chablais Charlie Lad.
4th Chablais Musket Chosen.

1st Chablais John Kaffe. Very impressive dog, has a beautiful head & soft brown eye. Clean outline with correct angulation to front & rear, level topline with correct tail carriage. Deep well sprung short coupled body. Not quite in full coat but enough - move’s well. WD
2nd Stonecrest’s Beauregard CD. Another quality dog with kind head & lovely melting eye. Deep chest, good front & rear angulation, in good condition, coat on the blow - move’s well.
3rd Bonaventure Lubberline Viscount
Time Square Premium Draft.

1st Beachbrooks Phoenix. Good head shape with correct eye colour which gives a soft expression. Mature deep body with correct angulation throughout, level topline with correct tail carriage. Good bone, feet & coat in hard condition - move’s well.
2nd Miron Boris. Another quality dog, grand head, kind eye good strength of muzzle. Has correct angulation throughout, deep well sprung body, in good coat & condition. Not quite as mature as winner - move’s well.
3rd Hidden Acres Cax Pride & Joy
4th Wynwood Favorite Forty Niner.

WD - Chablais John Kaffe
RWD - Caer Bren Admiral

1st Gortons Gail Force  Yellow with well shaped head & good expression. Correctly structured both front & rear, level topline, deep chest. Has good pigmentation, coat and bone and tight feet.
2nd Caer Bren Sedona.   Another yellow with plenty of substance and correct angulation. Would have liked a slightly deeper stop to the head, but the expression was kind.  In good coat, and moved well
3rd Forestwood’s Unforgetable
4th Musket Lotsa NRG

1st Paradocs Franny. Very good black standing four square . Has a good head shape with soft expression  Good reach of neck into well-angulated front. Level topline, deep well barrel chest, in good coat and hard condition - moves well.
2nd Accolade’s Out Of The Ashes. Black again, Kind head & expression. Correct front & rear angulation, level topline, in good condition - moved O.K.
3rd Majestx Olivia.
4th Paradocs Fray.

12 - 18 MONTHS
1st Tabatha’s Tattle. A very good chocolate, well shaped head, good eye colour and pigmentation. Present’s a clean outline with well angled front and good quarter’s. Has deep rib, plenty of substance without being over done. Moved well.
2nd Miron Topaze. Yellow  with a good head & expression with dark pigmentation. Has a good front with level top line, tail carried straight off the back. Well ribbed deep body - moves well.
3rd Lobuff’s Puffin At Hollyridge.
4th Riverdance Charlotte’s Web.

1st Butterscotch of Blackamoor. Very typey yellow with feminine head & kind expression, has good pigmentation. Deep rib, good front & rear angles, level top line with correct tail carriage - moves well.
2nd Bogsedge Sapphire at Accolade. Nice headed yellow with kind expression Stand’s four square, deep short coupled body, strong quarters  - moves O.K.
3rd Tabatha’s Pinafore.
4th Calabria Kiss N Tell.

1st Chablais Beatrice. This yellow really took my eye, full of quality with plenty of substance and breed type. Presenting a clean outline with correct angulation, this proves to be true when she moves, really driving around the ring. RWB
2nd Tabatha’s Gala. Super type of black with a well shaped head & kind expressive eye. Well balanced with clean outline, in good coat & condition - moves well.
3rd Blackdux Marcie Beaucoup.
Tabatha’s Paradocs Kali.

1st Camelot Sndnhill Minnetonka. Chocolate with a good head & expression, good pigmentation and coat colour. Has a good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, correct upper arm, deep well barrelled rib, strong quarters. Level topline, good tail and tail set.
2nd Paradocs Tabatha’s Corrie. Smaller black of good breed type, well put together. Kind head & eye, level topline, deep rib. In good coat & condition - moved O.K.
3rd Pembroke Blk Mist Poplar Forest MH.
4th Muirwoods Let Freedom Ring.

1st Tabatha’s Cherub. Well presented, with well angulated front & rear. Has a very good head, Kind expression. Good reach of neck flowing into level topline, deep chest. Good bone, coat  & tail - moves well.
2nd Oswicks Folklaur Storyteller. Very close up to the winner, has very similar attributes today not quite in her best dress - moves O.K.
3rd Saltmeadow Humidor.
Erinhill’s Heyburn Debutante

1st Chablais Adele Brown. Nice expression from a soft brown eye, and good pigmentation. Standing four square she presents a balanced outline, level top-line, deep well  barrelled rib, strong quarters. In good coat & condition - moves well.
2nd Tabatha’s Taunt. Another quality bitch, well constructed throughout. Has a good head & expression, good coat, bone and tail - moves well.
3rd Stoneyknoll’s Breezy Keepsake.
Premier’s Shameless.

1st Lobuff’s Sandpiper At Hollyridge.  Quality bitch with excellent front & rear angulation.  Has a very feminine head with soft gentle expression. Deep well barrelled rib, level topline, well set tail. In good coat & condition, does not need to carry anymore weight, she is well covered. Moves with drive.  WB
2nd Tabatha’s Festive. Another excellent bitch, has a good head & expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulder, level top-line, deep well sprung rib. In very good coat & condition , moves well.
3rd Roitelet Lea.
Simerdown’s Starrburst.

WB - Lobuff’s Sandpiper At Hollyridge
RWB - Chablais Beatrice.



1st Ch. Hampshire Am I Blue. No wonder he’s a champion, what a super black, beautiful head with the kindest of expressions. Construction is excellent front & rear, level topline, deep strong short coupled body. Good bone, coat & tail, in excellent condition - one that could show a lot of the youngsters how to move.
2nd Ch. Allegheny’s Strolling Minstrel. Another super black who has a good head & expression. Excellent construction front & rear, deep short coupled body in excellent condition - moved well.
3rd Accolade’s Living Memory Tonka NA
Ch. Kazorp’s Scrabble.

1st Ch. Belqust Point Well Made. What a super black she is, very feminine head with kind expressive eye. Well constructed throughout, deep well sprung body, level topline . In good coat & excellent condition - lovely mover. BEST VETERAN
2nd Ch. Tabatha’s Halo. Another super feminine black with soft expression. Correct construction to front & rear with a deep short coupled body. Not in her best dress today - another good mover.
3rd Ch. Shar-Jam's Taylor Made.
Hemlocks Mad About You.

1st Buckley Of Blackamoor. Super headed black with kind eye. Short coupled deep body with correct angulation, level topline, strong in quarters. In good coat & condition - moves very well.
2nd Rockycreek Classic Edition JH. Another excellent black, just preferred the little more work in the winner’s head, has a soft expressive eye. Deep well bodied with plenty of substance, he too has correct construction. Good bone, coat & tail - moves well.

1st Ch. Pembroke’s Sweet Alyssum. A worthy champion, this yellow has a beautiful head with soft expression. Good reach of neck from well angled front, level topline, strong deep body, good bend of stifle. In good coat & excellent condition - moves well.
2nd Ch. Accolade’s Little Kodiak Kiara JH. Another super yellow champion, has a good head & expression. Short deep body, good angles front & aft in good coat & condition - handled very well by her very young handler - moves well.
3rd Ballyclare Of Blackamoor JH.

Ch. Lubberline Martingale. This yellow male was all you could want, superb head & expression with a good width  & depth of muzzle but nothing overdone. Has clean flowing lines that show his true construction of front & rear, deep depth of chest with well sprung rib, level topline with correct tail carriage. Put down in good hard condition, one that uses his strong quarters to drive around the ring. Was very pleased to see him go 2nd in the group. Congratulations. He was very hard pressed by another super yellow male Ch. Aquarius Centercourt Delight (JAM).
Ch. Tabatha’s Desi. What a superb black bitch she is, very feminine head with the softest of expressions. Short coupled deep body with the correct construction throughout , in hard condition and full bloom, moves well - one I could take home.
Ch. Aquarius Centercourt Delight
. Simerdown's Beatrice
Lobuff’s Sandpiper At Hollyridge (WB)

1st  Ch. Stonecrest’s Davy Crockett
2nd Ch. Breezys Glenerie Merry-Maker

1st  Ch. Lobuff’s Turtle Dove
2nd Stonecrest’s Starship Cairo

. Chablais Olivia
. Chablais Beatrice

Ch. Belqust Point Well Made

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