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Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes

I would like to thank the committee for the kind invitation to judge the Sweepstakes!
It was really a great pleasure and I enjoyed my day very much.

Veteran Dogs 7 – 10 Years
1st  Ch. Hampshire I Am Blue - Black of excellent type. Good head & expression. Good level topline for a veteran. He is an excellent mover. In very good condition. Lovely male. BOSVSW
2nd Cedar Hill's Rio Rico - Excellent type. Good head and expression. Nice level topline and excellent mover.
3rd  Ch. Allegheny's Strolling Minstrel
4th  Accolade's Living Memory Tonka NA

Veteran Dogs 10+ Years
1st  Ch. Kazorp’s Scrabble - Excellent type. Good head and kind expression. Nice topline for his age! Moved well.

Veteran Bitches 7 – 10 Years
1st  Ch. Shar-Jam’s Taylor Made Super breed type yellow. Well balanced and in great condition. Excellent head and the sweetest of expression with the kindest of eye. Well angulated both in front & in rear. Strong topline. Excellent coat. Moved and showed very well. BVSW
2nd  Stonecrest's Starship Cairo - Beautiful head, excellent coat and topline. Very well angulated. Sound mover.
Ch. Belqust Point Well Made
4th  Ch. Tabatha's Halo

Veteran Bitches 10+ Years
1st  Folklaur Flora What a pleasure to judge “a young” lady over 12 yrs in such a wonderful condition!  She really has a lovely & melting expression. Great mover and she just loved to show herself.
2nd Tabatha’s Flutter - Veteran of very good type. She has beautiful expression and she moved well.

Best Veteran In Sweepstakes
Best of Opposite Sex Veteran In Sweepstakes


Dogs 6 – 9 Months
1st  Hedgelawn Sharp Dressed Man - Excellent type yellow. Pleasing outline with good head and lovely MELTING expression with the most beautiful almond eyes. He moved very well for his age. Promising youngster. Very well handled. BOSSW
2nd Waifin’s High Flying Tycoon
3rd  Forestwood Musket Gone Wit Da Wind - Very  typey  black. Very well bodied. He has a good head & expression. Good mover.
4th  Hunterleigh's Pluto Tabatha

Dogs 9 – 12 Months
1st  Brookberry’s Storm Trooper - Black of excellent type. He is a very good mover!
2nd Willcare’s Prestige - This yellow has very good type with good head & expression. He is lacking coat today, but he moves very well.
3rd Hopbrook’s Sugar Daddy

Dogs 12 – 15 Months
1st   Paradigm’s Devil In Disguise - Yellow of excellent type. Very good head & expression. Moved well.
2nd Tabatha's Renegade - Excellent type  black. He has a good head and very good reach of neck. Moved well.
3rd  Henning  Mill Diamond N’The Ruff
4th  Ambleside Thunder At Soundview.

Dogs 15 – 18 Months
Tabatha’s Sport -
Excellent type yellow, very well balanced. Most beautiful head and expression. He is a very good mover.
2nd  Lor-Al’s Direct Northmark - Excellent type yellow, very good body, in good coat. He has a good head.
3rd  Barefoots D'Liver-Me-To-Ynda.
4th  Folklaur Sierra Maverick

Bitches 6 – 9 Months
1ST  Musket Lotsa NRG - Excellent type black, beautiful head and expression, super topline. Sound mover.
2nd  Wayfield`s Country Classic  - Black of excellent type. Lovely reach of neck. Sound mover and a great showgirl.
3rd  Glenerie's Black Magic
4th  Stoneyknoll Rockycreek Mudpie

Bitches 9 -12 Months
1st  Lobuff Hollyridge Whippoorwill - Very typey beautiful black, excellent head with soft, kind expression. I liked her front and well angulated hindquarters very much.
2nd  Accolade’s Out Of The Ashes - Excellent type black. Beautiful reach of neck and nice level topline. Beautiful head and kind expression. Well angulated hindquarters
3rd  Bogsedge Sapphire at Accolade
4th  Labbeauty Miron Ginger

Bitches 12-15 Months
1st  Preton Ballerina - What an eye-catching girl! Superb in type, so well balanced body and in great condition. The most beautiful head & expression with the kindest of eye. Well angulated both in front and in the rear. Strong topline and good tailset. She was in good coat. Showed very well. Very promising young female! Was only beaten by the BSW
2nd  Tabatha’s Pinafore - Black, short coupled, very well balanced with nice level topline. She was in very good coat.
3rd  Riverdance Charlotte's Web
4th  Windfall's Dragonfly In The Sky

Bitches 15-18 Months
1st  Tabatha’s Taunt - The most beautiful chocolate female of excellent type. She has so beautiful head and expression with kindest of eye. Her eye & coat colour was just perfect for me. The quality of her coat was absolutely super: harsh, thick and a true double coat. She has a strong body and she is very well built both in front & in rear, well ribbed deep chest. And what a nice level topline she has! She is a great mover as well. I love her very much! BSW
2nd Tabatha's Gala - Another girl of super quality, excellent type. Good reach of neck, nice level topline, good coat, moved well.
3rd  Lobuff’s Sandpiper At Hollyridge
4th  Camelot Sndnhill Minnetonka

Best In Sweepstakes
Best of Opposite Sex In Sweepstakes
Hedgelawn Sharp Dressed Man



Mr. and Mrs. Knightingale (Boothgate)
We had a wonderful time judging your dogs and meeting you very sporting exhibitors that were present on the days. We thank you for this very kind invitation, the trip gave us some very happy memories. Thanks to some wonderful people who opened up their home to us at the picnic and our great guides who took us around New York.

You have well constructed Labradors in the majority, something we Brit’s could take a leaf out of your book. You do however have very different head type’s, not over done, quite the opposite. Please do not loose the typical Labrador head, there should be a well defined stop, this you as breeders seem to be loosing. We are not criticising, just passing on our thoughts.

Our very best wish’s to you all.

1st  Hedgelawn Sharp Dressed Man. Eye catching yellow youngster with a well shaped head & kind expression. Pigmentation is very good. Has good front angulation, deep chest and strong quarter’s, in good coat & condition - move’s well.
2nd  Waifin’s High Flying Tycoon. Black with a good head & expression. Well put together with correct angulations to front & rear, level topline, strong rib. Not quite as forward as winner at this stage. - good mover.
3rd. Decoys Beyond Belief At Daycamp.
4th. Caer Bren Superhero.

 9 - 12 MONTHS
1st.Willcare’s Prestige. Kind headed yellow with soft expression. Stand’s 4 square showing his correct angulation, level topline, correct tail carriage. Has strong quarter’s to drive him around the ring - move’s well.
2nd. Brookberry’s Storm Trooper. Black with kind head & expression. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulder’s, deep chest, level topline, strong quarter’s - moved O.K.
3rd. Hopbrook’s Sugar Daddy.

12 - 18 MONTHS
1st.Lor-Al’s Direct Northmark. Well-balanced yellow with plenty of substance, correct in angulations front & rear. Deep well sprung rib, level topline and tail carried straight off the back. All this topped off with the kindest of head’s with soft expression. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
2nd. Henning Mill Diamond N’ The Ruff. Good head & expression on this black. Very clean in outline showing his true angulation, and good reach of neck. Deep body, level topline, could have carried a little more bone to complete the picture. Moved O.K.
3rd. Paradigm’s Devil In Disguise.
4th. Ambleside Thunder At Soundview.

1st.Blackdux  Fond Of The Knight. Most impressed with this black, Nicely moulded head with kind expression. Has clean flowing outline showing his correct angulations, deep strong body, level topline. Nothing is overdone, in good coat and hard condition - move’s with drive. WD.
2nd. Allegheny’s Biscotti. Yellow with kind head & expression. Bigger overall than the winner but a good one. Correctly constructed throughout, deep well sprung rib, good top line, strong quarter’s - move’s well.
3rd.Tabatha’s Sport.
4th. Timesquare Midsumr Nite Dream.

1st. Honeyhawk’s Black Trendmaker. Mature but not overdone, has a well chiselled head &  kind expression. Deep strong body with correct angulations, strong quarter’s. In good coat & condition - sound mover.
2nd. Cross Creek’s Tanner. Nicely moulded head with soft expression, this yellow was bigger overall than the winner. Construction was correct to front & rear, deep chest in good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd.Surry’s Wish You Were Here.
4th. Waifin’s Perfect Storm.

1st. Tormentil Chablais Charlie Lad. Kind head & expression, good strength of muzzle. Stand’s 4 square presenting a stylish clean outline with correct angulation. Well off for bone with plenty of body substance without being overdone. In good condition - move’s well.
2nd. Tallmadge’s Ciaran MacMurchadha. Another quality exhibit, good head with kind expression. Good front & rear angulation, deep chest with well sprung rib, level topline. Move’s well.
3rd.Lobuff’s Back To The Future.
4th. Dickendall Buckstone Superman.

1st. Chablais John Kaffe. Well chiselled head with good eye colour & good pigmentation. Has a well laid back front angulation, deep well ribbed body, level topline & strong quarter’s - moved O.K. RWD.
2nd. Stonecrest’s Beauregard CD. Not quite the head of the winner, but never the less a quality exhibit. Has correct angulations throughout, deep well sprung body, level topline, Good quarter’s - move’s O.K.
3rd. Bonaventure Lubberline Viscount.
4th.Caven’s Coca-Mo-Brute.

1st.Miron Boris. Has well moulded head with kind expression. Stand’s 4 square with clean outline, deep well ribbed body. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
2nd.Wynwood Favorite Forty Niner. Slightly smaller than winner but is well put together. Has a kind head & expression. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd. Kai Den’s Dr Bombay.
4th. Hidden Acres Cax Pride & Joy.

WD - Blackdux  Fond Of The Knight
RWD - Chablais John Kaffe

1st Musket Lotsa NRG. Very feminine black with soft expression. Deep short coupled body with well-sprung rib, well angulated front & rear. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
2nd. Caer Bren Sedona. Very pretty yellow with kind eye. Compact well angulated body, just a little soft in topline, good front & very strong quarter’s - move’s well.
3rd. Misti-Dawn Magpie At Lor-Al.
4th. Stoneyknoll Rockycreek Mudpie.

1st. Accolade’s Out Of The Ashes. Very pretty black with super head & expression. Good reach of neck from correct front angulation, level topline, deep short coupled body. In good condition - sound mover.
2nd. Broadway’s Maid in America. Very feminine yellow with the sweetest of head’s. Compact, well angulated at the front & rear, well sprung rib. In very good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd.Labbeauty Miron Ginger.
4th.Bogs Edge Hand Polished Jade.

12 - 18 MONTHS
1st. Preton Ballerina. Stunning black with a well-chiselled head, kind expressive eye, good width & depth of muzzle. Has a flowing outline from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. Deep well sprung body, good bone & tight feet. In good coat & condition - it was a pleasure to see her move around the ring. WB.
2nd. Lobuff’s Puffin At Hollyridge. Top quality yellow with a super head & kind expression. Well angulated at the front & rear, deep body, level topline with tail carried straight off the back. In excellent coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd. Tabatha’s Tattle.
4th. Tallant & Rochar By The Bay.

1st.Tabatha’s Pinafore. Feminine headed black with a soft expressive eye. Compact deep body with correct angulation throughout, not a big one but everything as it should be. In very good condition - moved well.
2nd. Bogsedge Sapphire at Accolade. Lovely yellow with kind head & expression.  Correct front, deep chest, level topline, correct tail carriage. Has strong quarter’s that she use’s well on the move, in good order.
3rd. Butterscotch Of Blackamoor.
4th. Caer Bren Zoey.

1st. Tabatha’s Gala. Another black of excellent breed type, correct head shape with soft expression, good strength of muzzle. Compact with correct angulations at the front & rear, present’s a classy outline. In very good coat & condition - super mover.
2nd. Blackdux Marcie Beaucoup. This black was very well put together, compact with all the right angle’s. Level topline, deep well sprung rib. In good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd.Atlantic’s Little Miss Magic
4th.Majestx Bewitched.

1st. McNeil Ambridge Regal Grace. Super headed black with kind expression. Good reach of neck from correctly angulated front, level topline, deep well sprung rib. Well-bent stifles into well let down hock’, move’s with drive. In good coat & condition.
2nd. Tabatha’s Trinket. Another lovely black, close up to the winner in quality of type and construction, today not quite as positive in movement.
3rd. Paradocs Tabatha’s Corrie.
4th.Muirwoods Let Freedom Ring

1st. Hillsides Clearly A Jewel. Feminine headed with soft expressive eye. Compact short coupled body with correct angulations front & aft Not quite in full bloom but enough coat, in hard condition - move’s very well.
2nd. Visions Lubberline Graceful. A very feminine bitch with nicely moulded head, would have liked a slightly darker eye to finish the picture. Good reach of neck from correct front angulation, deep well sprung body, level topline, strong quarter’s. Not in full coat today but in good body condition - move’s well.
3rd.Simerdown’s Spring Fling.
4th. Erinhill’s Heybern Debutante.

1st.Camelot Sndnhill Minnetonka.  Well shaped head with sufficient stop and correct eye colour. Short coupled & correctly constructed throughout, present’s a very clean outline. Deep strong body, good bone, coat & neat feet Has strong quarter’s that she use’s on the move
2nd. Chablais Adele Brown. Another quality exhibit, very feminine head with a good eye. Front & rear angulation correct, deep well-ribbed body, in good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd.Tabatha’s Taunt.
4th. Premier’s Shameless.


1st. Lobuff’s Sandpiper At Hollyridge. Nicely moulded head with kind expressive eye. Flowing neck into well placed shoulder, correct upper arm angulation. Level topline, deep well sprung rib, short coupled. Has strong quarter’s to drive her around the ring. Correct tailset, in full coat & hard condition RWB.
2nd. Tabatha’s Festive
. Kind headed with gentle expression. Well constructed with correct angulation throughout, deep well sprung rib, level topline. Has very good bone, coat & tail. Strong quarter’s with well let down hock’s. In good coat & condition - move’s very well.
3rd. Roitelet Lea.
4th. Simerdown’s Starburst.

WB - Preton Ballerina
RWB - Lobuff’s Sandpiper At Hollyridge



1st.Ch. Hampshire Am I Blue. Very sound black with a classic head & melting expression. Standing 4 square & showing off his obvious quality. Deep strong body, level topline, correctly constructed which showed when he moved.
2nd.Ch. Allegheny’s Strolling Minstrel. Another excellent black, looking & showing well. Well put together, in good coat & condition - some of these veteran’s could show many how to move.
3rd.Cedar Hill’s Rio Rico
4th. Accolade’s Living Memory Tonka NA.

1st. Ch. Shar-Jam’s Taylor Made. Yellow with feminine head & expression, good reach of neck into well laid shoulder’s, good upper arm, angulation. Deep strong body, good width of stifle, well let down hock - move’s well.
2nd. Ch. Belqust Point Well Made  Good head & expression on this black. Well put together with correct angulations front & rear. Deep strong body with level topline, in good coat & condition - move’s well.
3rd.Ballyclare Of Blackamoor JH
4th.Stonecrest’s Starship Cairo.

1st.Buckley Of Blackamoor. Very workman-like black, good head & expression, strong well put together body with plenty of bone & substance. Level topline, in good coat & condition - move’s well.
2nd.Rockycreek Classic Edition JH. Another good black, would have liked a little more work in head, but has kind expression. Well constructed throughout, plenty of body, in good hard condition - move’s well.

1st. Ch. Accolade’s Little Kodiak Kiara. This yellow’s young handler made it look so easy. This is a very feminine bitch with soft expressive eyes. Correctly constructed deep body, in full bloom & tip-top condition - moved with drive.
2nd.Ch. Pembroke’s Sweet Alyssum. Another top quality yellow with nicely moulded head & gentle expression. Well constructed throughout with deep strong rib, level topline. In excellent coat & condition - move’s very well.
3rd. Ballyclare Of Blacamoor.

Ch. Lubberline Martingale. Strongly put together this yellow but nothing overdone. He has the kindest of head’s with a soft expressive eye. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulder with correct upper arm, angulation. Deep well sprung rib, in well toned condition. Level topline with tail straight off the back. Strong quarter’s that he uses well on the move. Went on to the final 6 in Group - Well done!

Ch. Tabatha’s Desi. A lovely black bitch that ooze’s breed type; she has a very feminine head & gentle expression. Correct construction front & rear, deep well sprung body, level topline, tail carried straight off the back. Good bone, coat & strong quarter’s that she uses to advantage on the move.

Ch Chablais Olivia
Preton Ballerina
(Winners Bitch)
Ch. Hampshire Am I Blue

Ch. Shar-Jam’s Taylor Made

1st  Ch. Stonecrest’s Davy Crockett
2nd Ch. Breezys Glenerie Merry-Maker

1st  Ch. Lobuff’s Turtle Dove
2nd  Ch. Lobuff Forestwood Forgetmenot

. Chablais Olivia
. Chablais Beatrice

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